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SOG Trident Folder Monogram  Limited Serialized

SOG Trident Folder

Monogram Limited Serialized

The SOG Trident uses our well-proven means of delivering a knife blade to the open position with S.A.T. (SOG Assisted Technology™) Now using our patent pending Arc-Actuator™, the Trident locks stronger and releases easier. There is also a built-in safety to lock the blade closed.

What also makes the Trident so unique is the Groove™ in the handle, which allows the operator to cut small cord without having to open the blade. Also features Digi-Grip™, a variable pattern on the handle for a coarser grip. Our bayonet style clip is easily switched for right/left hand carry or removed for pouch storage.

this knife features a deeply acid etched SOG pattern that brings a new fashion sensibility to cutlery. With dual colored TiNi coating, each of these 1000 pieces becomes art.

SOG Assisted Technology SOG Assisted Technology works through the balance of opposing high-tension coil springs. As one opens the blade the force to propel the knife open becomes greater than the closing force and the blade will open on its own. The end result propels the blade out once the operator has initiated the one-handed opening action. S.A.T. works so well that right-handers can use their left hand equally well to open a folding knife (of course this works oppositely for lefties).

Cryogenic Heat Treatment SOG's unique cryogenic heat treatment process increases the toughness and wear resistance of our blades. Taking the knife slowly down in temperature to less than -300°F and then back to room temperature. This stress relieves the material on an atomic level and increases overall strength as well as edge retention. Knife edges stay sharp longer with significantly less micro-fracturing and edge-chipping. Its this dedication to making your knife SOG sharp that sets us apart from the rest.
  • Limited Serialized
  • SOG Assisted Technology
  • Cryogenic Heat Treatment


MSRP: $150.00
Manufacturer #: TF-9
Item #: 5830
  • Blade Length 3.75"
  • Overall Length 8.5"
  • Weight 3.6 oz.
  • Edge Straight
  • Steel AUS 8



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